About me

I'm Software Developer from Türkiye, working in web development and web security. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs.

I like to follow and learn about new technologies. I worked in different positions in many projects. I am experienced in web automation systems, mobile application development, web design and software. Languages I use in general: Python(Django), Php , SQL, React Native, Javascript , Html and Css, Angular JS

What i'm doing

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    Web Design

    I make professional, responsive, cross-platform compatible and quality designs.

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    Web Development

    I develop dynamic websites using Python (Flask, Django), Php Languages.

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    Mobile Apps

    Professional development of applications for iOS and Android using Flutter, React Native.

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    Web Security

    I detect and fix software errors and security vulnerabilities of existing systems.


Work Experience

  1. Back-End Developer

    Seccops Cyber Security Technologies Inc.

    I've worked on Cyberthint Project which is written by using Python/Flask.

    Technologies used: Python, Docker, Flask

  2. Full Stack Developer

    Intelegon IT Inc.

    I've worked on Vultage Project which is written by using Python/Django. My duty was developing interfaces, writing services and support software maintenance.

    Technologies used: Python, jQuery, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL, Docker

  3. Software Developer

    Karson IT LTD.

    While creating database models of applications, writing services (RESTAPI) and creating management models, the software languages that I've used are Python and Javascript, the frameworks that I've used are Django,DjangoREST and Google Firebase, and database systems that I've used are PostgreSql ,MySql and SQLite.

    Technologies used: Django, DjangoREST, Google Firebase, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite,


  1. Plan GIS Mobile Application


    E-plan Mobile Application Ministry of Environment and Urbanization

    Technologies used: Flutter

  2. EczaciSepeti


    B2B Marketplace for Pharmacists. || #b2b #django #angular #celery #rabbitmq #businesschat #payingsystems #cargointegration #invoicesystems

    Technologies used: Python, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML/CSS, PostgreSQL, Docker, Django, Django Rest Framework

  3. Eoksis Servisci (Electronic School Systems)


    Electronic School Systems - schoolbus Tracking Application || #react native #Android #Ios #Web

    Technologies used: React Native

  4. LocalHosting Hosting Automation System


    Automation system where hosting providers can create existing packages and automatically sell and activate their packages with the virtual pos system, facilitating their interaction with customers. Developed using PDO & MySQL.

    Technologies used: Php, PDO, MySQL

  5. XenForo TR Payment & Premium Membership Plugin


    Premium membership plugin developed for the XenForo forum system.

    Technologies used: Php, PDO, MySQL

  6. Infinite Story Web Application


    Users continue the stories started in different categories interactively, and thus the story progresses unpredictably. Python(Django) & Boostrap were used in the project. SQLite was preferred as the database.

    Technologies used: Python, Django, SQLite, Bootstrap

  7. Kalemingo


    Items from Kalemingo, things they can pen, that they can communicate with other people. It is a niche social platform. The Front-End part of the application uses React-Native, and the Back-End uses Python.

    Technologies used: React Native, Python

  8. Eoksis (Electronic School Systems)


    Electronic School Systems - Parent Information System + Android + Ios + Web

    Technologies used: Google Firebase, Python, Django, React Native, SQLite, Bootstrap

  9. CBS ISKOM Web Application (Geographical Information Systems)


    ISKI GENERAL DIRECTORATE - CBS ISKOM Web Application (Geographical Information Systems) #GIS

  10. PhpGuardian Hack Shield


    When this PHP script is associated with the current website, it automatically blocks incoming attacks and the attacker's IP addresses, basically blocking known attack methods (sql injection, flooding, etc.). It updates itself by saving the attack pattern.

    Technologies used: Php, Html, Mysql, JavaScript

My skills

  • Python/Django
  • PHP & SQL
  • Ruby
  • HTML
  • Css
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • React Native
  • Flutter